Our Policy

Valley Music Together® Policies
Welcome to the Valley Music Together family. Please take a moment to review our policies. If you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns, please contact Nancy Riggins, Director, by phone at 484-330-6723 or email@valley-musictogether.com.

Payment Options

PAY NOW Credit Card via PayPal  (additional fee)
PAY LATER Check payable to Valley Music Together, P.O, Box 652 Fogelsville, PA 18051

Payment and class enrollment will be confirmed by email when payment is received.
NOTE:  No spring session refunds or credits will be issued after April 4, 2022.

Spring 2022 Music Classes
Classes will be held inside.  You are welcome to bring your own instruments or use ours!  Instruments and props are cleaned after every use.

Inclement Weather
In the case of inclement weather, please check our website home page, valleymusictogether.org. We do NOT follow the schedule of any particular school district.  Any special announcements will be posted on the website homepage by 8:15AM, sent via SMS text (if opted in) and emailed to enrolled families.  Again, we do not follow the delays/cancellations of any particular school district.  Older siblings are welcome to attend class with you if school has been cancelled for the day.  Cancelled Music Together classes will be rescheduled for later in the session. If you are not sure, call Nancy at (484) 330-6723 before you leave the house!

Class Cancellations
If need, classes with low enrollment may be combined or cancelled with advanced notice.  Families enrolled in a cancelled class will have the option to join another class, receive credit toward a future semester, or be issued a refund.

If a single class is cancelled due to weather, teacher illness, or for other extraordinary circumstances, you will be notified by email or phone, and a notice will be posted on the website at valleymusictogether.org. The cancelled class will be rescheduled for later in the session.

Siblings and Guests
Parents, grandparents, and adult caregivers are always welcome to attend class – due to current limitations, please contact the director if you’d like to bring a visitor.   Involving the whole family in music-making at home is extremely valuable to your child’s music development, and attending class encourages family members to join in. If you would like to bring another guest (such as an older sibling who may be home from school, other family members, or house guests), please notify the director or your teacher.

Health Policy
The health of all participants is important to us, so we take measures to ensure the cleanliness of our classroom and limit exposure to germs. Sanitizing wipes are available in class, and we ask caregivers to clean instruments after they have been mouthed. Instruments are cleaned regularly with a child-safe cleaning solution. Please do not allow children to carry sippy cups into the music area as too often another child will put his mouth on it.  If you or your child is sick, please stay home from class and schedule a make-up.

Cell Phones
Please set your cell phone to silent/vibrate during class time. Music Together classes engage adults and children in music-making, together!  Checking your phone detracts from your child’s experience and is a distraction to other adults and children.  If it is absolutely necessary to make or receive a text or call, please step out into the hallway or lobby. Occasional photos may only be taken during the Instrument Play Along,  but all other photos must be taken before or after class.  Your teacher will happily help you “stage” a photo with the props from class that day.  Respect the privacy of other families! Do not take pictures and do not post pictures online that include other children and adults.

Sippy Cups and Snacks
Breastfeeding and bottles for infants are welcome. Sippy cups (no spill) with water are at the teacher’s discretion, but please be advised that young children will often try to put their mouth on a cup that does not belong to them.  This becomes a health concern as well as a big distraction.  Please enjoy drinks and snacks outside of the music space, before or after class.  Due to food allergy concerns, please be sure that drinks and snacks are securely stored in your bag and out of sight.

Make-up Classes
Make-up classes are available each semester for each registered child. Make-ups must be scheduled during the current semester and do not carry over into the next semester. Your make-up class may be at any location and time in the current semester schedule (see the CALENDAR tab).  Please email your make-up requests to email@valley-musictogether.com or call 484-330-6723. Refunds will not be given for missed classes.

Dance Fusion Performing Arts Center
Our classes are held in Studio D.  No street shoes are allowed in the studio.  Please use the shoe cubbies provided in the hallway.  Bare feet, socks, or slippers are recommended.  Do not bring drinks or food into the dance studio.  If your child needs a drink or snack during class, please enjoy it in the hallway or lobby.