What People Say

See what our parents and students have to say about our classes.

“Valley Music Together┬« has been a wonderful experience for my son, Cooper. He was only six months old when he started, however, we have been able to see his love of music grow at such a young age! In class, he has learned to use instruments, and at home, he now makes an instrument out of anything! We almost always have music on at home, but when we don’t, he lets us know that he wants it on! We attribute this to Valley Music Together! He recognizes the songs from class, and they have even brought him comfort when he was in new surroundings.

The teachers at Valley Music Together are wonderful. They welcome the children to class each week with a huge smile and allow each child to experience music in his/her own way. There is a tremendous opportunity for creativity and interaction within the class. Valley Music Together isn’t just a music class, it’s a whole music experience!”
– Julie G.

“As the grammy of a one year old, I can honestly say that our Music Together class is an invigorating hour of our week. My husband and I watch our grandson 2 days a week. We take him to music class every Friday morning. Being the only grandparents in that class, we feel very welcome and comfortable. Cooper started class as a 6 month old. From the first class, he enjoyed the rhythm, songs, sounds and motions. Each week is a new learning and growing experience. My favorite part of the class is the interaction with the other children, moms and dads. We all learn the songs and we all have lots of fun. Even though the classes are very informal, the curriculum is very professional. Each Friday we look forward to seeing Miss Amity.”
– Phyllis R.

“Aidan was nearly 20 months old when we became a Valley Music Together family. I was simply looking for a safe, fun and interactive environment for my child. The program exceeded my expectations and is our most rewarding activity!

The combination of the Music Together program and the teachers makes this one of the most engaging experiences you can have with your child. There is a curriculum and a core structure, and yet there is this freedom for self expression that can only enhance a child’s self-esteem and imagination. I have bonded with my child both inside and outside of the classroom – whether it be at home, in the car or taking a walk at the park. I have watched him develop a love for music, dancing, and instrument play. I have watched as his sense of rhythm really came to be. At barely two years of age, Aidan was singing actual words to our Music Together songs – words that he otherwise was not saying as part of his “normal” talk. I did not realize the program would become such an amazing learning tool.

My twin infant daughters recently started the program, and I can see them heading down the same path… and I’m excited, because now I know what to expect for them: pure joy.

And for me, countless memories that I hold dear to my heart.”
– Melissa V.

“Attending Music Together classes with my children is on par with reading to them. Like treasured books, the songs, dancing, and fun of Music Together stay with my children forever. The music collections are like the soundtrack to their childhood.

As an educator, I believe Music Together is the best activity for young children. Each class engages children and parents to listen, follow directions, tap out rhythms, create lyrics, cuddle close, sing, and play. The songs span the cultures of the world including folk, classical, blues, spirituals, and even good-old-fashioned nursery rhymes. All of this happens in a loving and joyful environment thanks to the philosophy and training of the Music Together teachers.”
– Clare S.